Why Black Classical Academy

If there’s ever been a time for culturally affirming education, it’s now.

Truth be told, the education system is failing our children in more ways than one.

We often hear in the news how insufficient the American school system is at preparing our kids for viable careers and life in the “real world.”

And while all children suffer from this outdated education system, Black children are at an even greater disadvantage. They’re not learning about themselves or their culture.

For so long, Black students only saw themselves in history books primarily through the lens of slavery. But we know that perspective is severely limiting and incomplete.

Now, the problem has worsened. Law makers are waging an all-out assault on education and the information provided to your child in the classroom.

And with every passing school year, your child’s education gets white-washed. Even things like slavery and the vast accomplishments of African and African-American people are being erased from textbooks altogether.

The reality is, the standard, American school system was never designed to educate our children in a way that affirms our heritage and identity.

That harsh realization probably has you feeling angry, overwhelmed and even powerless.

And that uneasy feeling you have is backed by science. In fact, studies show that a child internalizes what they are taught, and what they are taught directly impacts their confidence and self-esteem.

So, how can your child express and embody cultural pride when they’re constantly being fed information that makes them feel inferior?

You know the vital role education plays in shaping your child’s future. But you’re unsure of how to offer information relevant to your child’s cultural identity and inform them of who they are and where they come from.

Plus, in the midst of an unfriendly (and at times hostile) social environment it’s even more imperative that our children feel affirmed, uplifted and supported in their heritage.

What better way than to empower them with a comprehensive curriculum that teaches basic skills while integrating culture at the same time?

All of this sounds great, but you might still feel like you’re at a loss…like you don’t know where to start. Because it’s not like you haven’t tried already.

You might have even done your own research in an effort to supplement your child’s education with more culturally affirming information.

You may have even ordered books, flashcards, games and other materials, but you find that it’s all the same, surface-level information your kids may already know by heart, or may have intellectually outgrown.

Between working and caring for your family, it seems like there isn’t enough time to curate the information and monitor your child’s progress effectively.

Plus, you may not have had the benefit of receiving culturally affirming education yourself when you were their age. There’s so much knowledge out there, and not knowing what you don’t know can also be crippling.

But these things don’t have to stop you from providing your children with the type of education you know they deserve.

What you need is a rigorous curriculum that matches their grade level, keeps them interested and engaged, challenges their thinking and truly allows them to learn autonomously.

The Black Classical Academy curriculum accomplishes all of these things because it’s comprehensive.

The best part is, we have resources that offer your child learning opportunities within every core k-12 subject – not just history.

And finally, we make these resources available as digital downloads, so you and your child can access them instantly!

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your child’s future for the better with culturally affirming curriculum?