Be Inspired: Meet 15 Black Revolutionaries
Who Redefined History

History Reclaimed: Why Your Family Needs This Workbook Today!

Discover Hidden Heroes
Share with your children the untold stories of 15 black revolutionaries who defied the norm.

Enrich Vocabulary & Cultivate Critical Thinking
Go beyond rote memorization. Ignite a flame of curiosity with challenging questions that unravel the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind these revolutionaries’ actions. Every page encourages vocabulary expansion and critical reasoning.

Connect to a Heritage of Greatness
Through the lives of these revolutionaries, allow your children to see a mirror of potential greatness. It’s not just history; it’s a reflection of THEIR story waiting to be written.

Flexible Formats
Available as both a digital download and a physical coil-bound book. Learn the way that suits you best.

What You’ll Get Inside

Biographies of 15 Black revolutionaries written from an African-centered perspective
Thought-provoking questions and writing prompts
110 pages of vibrant, transformative educational content
BONUS: 15 writing prompts – One for each reading passage (Digital download only)

By opting for this workbook, you’re not just educating your child; you’re making a bold statement. Celebrate, understand, and carry forward the legacy of Black history. Seize this chance to inspire a future filled with greatness. Take Action. Be the Change.

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