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Congratulations on embarking on an empowering and inspiring journey with ‘Black Revolutionaries.’ The voyage of discovery doesn’t end here. Extend the narrative with our comprehensive U.S. History Bundle, enriching your child’s grasp on the history of the United States from an African-American lens.

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A Comprehensive Curriculum
Dive deep into the untold chapters of U.S. History from the pre-Columbus ancient Americas through the end of the Reconstruction Period. Unravel not just the events, but the how and why behind them. Explore the rich African presence before European settlers arrived and the courage of African Americans in shaping a young nation.

Critical Thinking & Skill Building
Each unit is carefully created to sharpen critical thinking and writing skills, with thinking questions, writing prompts, and writing instruction. Journey beyond just memorization, into a world of understanding, analyzing, and interpreting history.

Flexible & Adaptive
Tailored for diverse learning levels, from middle school to high school, our course evolves with your child. A high school supplement adds a layer of rigor for high school or advanced middle school learners. It’s even a great fit for curious minds in upper elementary.

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Here’s What You’ll Unlock With This Bundle:

Unit 1: African Presence in the Early Americas
Unit 2: The Maafa
Unit 3: Early Colonial America Exploration and Settlement
Unit 4: The Revolutionary Era
Unit 5: They Fought Back
Unit 6: A Divided Nation
Bonus:  50 Ways to Make Learning History Fun E-Book

Each unit is packed with comprehension questions, thinking questions, writing prompts, and writing aids to help students with their writing assignments. These are designed specifically to empower your student to become a discerning thinker.

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Take your child’s historical understanding to the next level with this invaluable resource.
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