Black Revolutionaries: 15 Great Revolutionaries in Black History

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Why Your Family Needs This Workbook RIGHT NOW

✨ Discover Hidden Heroes
Mainstream curricula rarely tell the full story. With this workbook, introduce your children to 15 revolutionary figures that have been left out or minimized in traditional education. Let them know that resistance, liberation, and ingenuity have always been part of Black culture.

✨ Enrich Vocabulary & Cultivate Critical Thinking
Don’t just memorize dates and names—understand the WHY and HOW. Our workbook poses challenging questions that spark thoughtful engagement and vocabulary development.

✨ Connect To a Heritage of Greatness
By portraying these revolutionaries, the workbook enables your children to see their own potential for greatness. It’s not just history; it’s THEIR story.

✨ Flexible Formats
Available as both a digital download and a physical coil-bound book. Learn the way that suits you best.

What You'll Get Inside:

  • Biographies of 15 Black revolutionaries written from an African-centered perspective
  • Vocabulary-building
  • Thought-provoking questions and writing prompts
  • 110 pages packed full of transformative educational content
  • Perfect for ages 10-14+, but engaging for lifelong learners too

By opting for this workbook, you’re not just educating your child. You’re making a statement that Black history deserves to be celebrated, understood, and used as a catalyst for future greatness.

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