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Note: Lesson content is the same as Shifting Perspectives, but adds writing aids and supplemental assignments.

Dive deep into the rich and often untold history of African Americans with the “Our History in the United States” workbook bundle. This comprehensive collection, designed for middle and high school students, spans from the ancient African presence in the Americas through the post-Civil War Reconstruction era. Each unit is packed with engaging content, thought-provoking questions, writing aids to help with writing assignments, and a high school supplement.

  • Unit 1 – African Presence in the Early Americas: Begin your journey with archaeological evidence of African contact with the Americas long before Columbus. This unit not only offers a glimpse into ancient connections but also enriches students’ critical thinking skills.
  • Unit 2 – Maafa: Dive into the harrowing details of the Maafa (Transatlantic Slave Trade) and its lasting effects on Africa, America, and Europe.
  • Unit 3 – Early Colonial America Exploration and Settlement: Examine the Age of Exploration, the role of African navigators, early English colonization, and the creation of the concept of “race” in the English colonies. Discover how these historical events laid the groundwork for systemic racial discrimination.
  • Unit 4 – The Revolutionary Era: Examine the factors that led to the American Revolution, the contradiction of the fight for freedom while enslaving African Americans, and the creation of the nation’s Constitution. This unit takes a critical look at the contradictions within the foundation of the United States.
  • Unit 5 – They Fought Back!: Celebrate the spirit of resistance among enslaved Africans and their descendants, from rebellions to maroon communities to the abolitionist movement. Students are encouraged to see the revival of this spirit in today’s movements.
  • Unit 6 – A Divided Nation: A Divided Nation shows how the economics and politics of slavery led to the Civil War, not the morality of slavery. Learn about the important battles of the Civil War and the key roles of African Americans, and then highlighting the hopeful and enterprising spirit of African Americans during the Reconstruction period.

The “Our History in the United States” bundle is more than a history course—it’s an empowering exploration of African American resilience, contributions, and ongoing legacy in shaping the nation. Equip your student with knowledge, pride, and critical thinking skills by taking this historical journey.

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