Early Learning Flashcards


The Flashcards That Boost Children’s Confidence, Pride, and Self-Love!

As a parent today, you’re faced with the unique challenge of helping your children with the basics of learning, while making sure their education includes the details of their culture, identity, and rich heritage.

PLUS, let’s be real, when it comes to Black history and culture in the United States, what is taught in the classroom and most homeschool curriculum leaves a lot to be desired.

And that’s where our flashcards come in to fill the learning gap!

Our fun, vibrant, and engaging age-appropriate toddler flashcards help your little ones master the essential building blocks of learning: letters, numbers to 20, and colors while connecting them with their heritage’s glorious details.

Short talking points are included for each flashcard, so these flashcards become a mini cultural lesson. By helping your child find a connection to the truth of their heritage early on, you’ll do your part to boost their confidence, self-love, and most importantly, pride.

Are you ready to help your child connect with their history and heritage? Get your flashcards today!

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