About The Owner

Tanya Adkins is the inspiring founder of Black Classical Academy and a dedicated advocate for culturally affirming education. As a mother who homeschooled for 11 years and the owner of a successful tutoring company for over 20 years, Tanya witnessed firsthand the challenges and shortcomings of the traditional American education system, particularly for Black students.

Driven by her own sons’ negative school experiences and the hundreds of students she supported, Tanya recognized the urgent need for educational resources that reflected the rich culture, heritage and identity of Black children. It became her mission to create a comprehensive, academically rigorous curriculum that goes beyond surface-level facts and trivia, empowering students from kindergarten through high school.

With degrees in Math and Economics from UCLA, a strong background in education and an unwavering commitment to her community, Tanya established Black Classical Academy as a beacon of hope for parents seeking a more engaging and relevant learning experience for their children. Her innovative approach integrates cultural concepts and imagery across all core academic subjects, fostering a sense of pride, excellence and achievement in every child.

Tanya’s dedication to creating transformative learning resources has paved the way for children to forge a healthy connection with their heritage while developing critical thinking skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Join Tanya on this exciting journey toward a brighter future,  and discover the incredible impact that culturally affirming education can have on the lives of Black children and their families. Explore Black Classical Academy’s resources and ignite the spark of curiosity, confidence and empowerment in your child today.