About The Owner

My name is Tanya Adkins, the founder of Black Classical Academy.

As a mother who homeschooled for 11 years, and as the owner of a tutoring company for the last 30 years having supported over 500 students, I came to understand the inherent failures of the traditional, American education system.

I saw how Black children, especially, felt disconnected and disengaged from the material they were learning in the classroom. I saw how my own sons quickly lost interest in lessons as well. Once I understood the root of the problem – that these children didn’t see themselves reflected positively or meaningfully in the curriculum – everything I had been seeing suddenly made sense.

It was no wonder these children struggled and needed additional support!

I knew complaining about the lack of culturally affirming education in our schools wasn’t going to do much. And it was not enough for me to just create learning material that reflected our culture, heritage and identity for my children only.

Something bigger had to be done. I had to make these resources available for other parents like me, who felt frustrated and overwhelmed by this glaring problem.

While learning resources like flashcards and games for African-American children do exist, many of these things fall short of offering academic rigor and information beyond surface-level Black history facts and trivia.

And many times, these resources do not serve children in higher grade levels.

So, I created Black Classical Academy. It was born out of a deep desire to provide culturally affirming curriculum to supplement your child’s K-12 education in every core academic subject.

We go beyond teaching history and offer your child a more complete view of their cultural identity. Additionally, we’re intentional about integrating these concepts across subjects. So, social studies lessons reinforce learning within math, science and reading…and vice versa.

And, we make it easy for you because lessons are designed for your child to learn independently, because we know there are a lot of things that demand your time and attention.

Ultimately, our intention is to empower you and your child with learning resources that help instill values like excellence, achievement, and pride in their heritage – in a way that is relevant, fun, and meaningful.

I invite you to explore our resources and start your child on a transformational learning journey that will help them forge a healthy connection with their heritage and boost their critical thinking skills!